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    3003 aluminium sheet diamond,3003-H22 3003 diamond embossed

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

Order 3003 aluminum diamond plates - tread sheet in 3003 aluminum in quantities

Alloy 3003 is not heat treatable but welds very well and has excellent workability and may be deep drawn or spun, welded or brazed. Although aluminum 3003 is about 20% stronger than the 1100 series, it is still somewhat soft and difficult to machine. This material has a H22 temper meaning it has been strain-hardened and partially annealed to about ¼ hard. Our 3003-H22 diamond tread has Brite Finish, giving it a brilliant shine, making it highly reflective, and easy to clean. Because of this bright, shiny finish, aluminum 3003-H22 diamond pattern tread sheet / plate is more commonly used in decorative and cosmetic applications. Online Metals stocks five thicknesses of Brite Finished Aluminum 3003-H22 tread sheet and Plate: 0.0625″, 0.08″, 0.1″, 0.125″, and 0.25″ thick.

Aluminum 3003 is also used in the manufacture of cooking utensils, pressure vessels, builder's hardware, eyelet stock, ice cube trays, garage doors, awning slats, refrigerator panels, gas lines, gasoline tanks, heat exchangers, drawn and spun parts, and storage tanks.

3003 H-22 Diamond tread plate - This has the same properties as the standard 3003 aluminum with the raised tread pattern to improve traction. This is very commonly used for tool boxes, wall panels, flooring, truck bed liners and trim, garage and workshop outfitting, step plates and any other application that needs the light weight and strength of 3003 aluminum with increased traction of the raised tread pattern.

FEATURES: Excellent at resisting moisture and strong for its light weight. Diamond Tread pattern is slip-resistant and cosmetically appealing for hundreds of decorative applications. Available in a brilliant, high polished, reflective shine.

WORKABLE: Easy to Weld, Saw Cut, Drill, Machine, Shear and Form.

USES: Diamond Plate Flooring, Diamond Plate Wall Panels, Diamond Plate Trim, Diamond Plate Counter Tops, Diamond Plate Dance Floor, Diamond Plate Floor Tile, Diamond Plate Tool Boxes, Diamond Plate Truck Bed,ect.