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    Aluminum Diamond Plate for Sale - Buy 3003 H22 Sheets

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

Aluminum Diamond Plates – 3003 H22 Aluminum sheet

Aluminum ‘diamond’ plate, with raised pattern of diamond on one side (reverse side featureless).
• Corrosion resistant, Anti-slip
• Hot-Rolled – Perfect for Fabrication
• Suitable for many practical and decorative applications, including floors, trailers and exercise rooms
• Available Standard thickness in 0.045″(Made in USA,) 0.063″ 0.080″, 0.010″, 0.125” (heavy duty thickness)
Aluminum Diamond Plates – 3003 H22 Aluminum sheet
Aluminum diamond plate Brite Finish sheets are pressed aluminum sheets bearing a raised diamond pattern on one side. They are weather and corrosion proof and easy to clean, as well as being skid-resistant. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications, indoors and outdoors. It is also known as tread plate, checker plate, durbar plate. It is a type of aluminum metal sheet with a pattern of raised diamonds or lines on the front side. The shining and raised diamond pattern is masculine and sharp-looking, instantly giving a striking look.
Guidelines, Applications and Questions for the Different Thickness of Aluminum Diamond Plate
0.025” thickness aluminum diamond plate is very unique materials in comparison with the rest of the diamond plate. It’s thin, flexible, lightweight, easy to cut to bend around corners and provides a bright, low maintenance surface for walls or ceilings.. But the most important property is that it can be rolled-up and shipped in a box across the nations as long as UPS can make the delivery.
0.045” thickness diamond plate is similar to the 0.025” diamond plate, it’s thicker and stronger, but it cannot be rolled-up and be shipped in a box. So this limits the size you can order. Please check which are shippable or contact us before you place the order with us.
 0.063 thickness diamond plate is a good thickness which can be used for covering walls and lightly used floors. It’s thick enough to take a lot of wear and tear for any wall. Some clients use it for covering the floors which are not heavily used.

These materials are typically used for both industrial and domestic purposes due to their high strength and low cost, combined with malleability and machineability. In addition to being well suited as a form of safe, resilient flooring, they are employed as a light construction material and sometimes for architectural applications.

As well as being used as a functional, non-slip surface, diamond plate has cosmetic application due to its attractive appearance and is sold as a tiled flooring material. Its mirror finish makes it the ideal way to contrast and highlight other materials or items, including custom cars in show rooms.

Aluminum diamond plate is also known as checker plate, tread plate, and Durbar floor plate. Although it is often manufactured from aluminum, steel or stainless steel variants are also made, depending on the specifications required.