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The characteristics and application of diamond aluminium tre

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    The diamond aluminium tread plate oxide in aqueous solution, the surface will produce a dense oxide film, so it has good corrosion resistance, even in high-temperature concentrated nitric acid, the corrosion resistance of the product is better than stainless steel, so it is often used as a corrosion-resistant material.

    Tread aluminium plate will also be used as anti-fouling products to use, other non-ferrous metals can also play a fouling, but from the price point of view, the diamond aluminium tread plate product is cheaper in price, more suitable for people to buy and use.

    The surface of the aluminium stair tread plate is cubic crystal, low temperature ferritic steel will not exist brittle, low temperature can reach minus 269 degrees Celsius. In simple terms, the product has good performance in temperature resistance.

    In some areas the use of aluminium tread plate for anti-slip to play a good anti-skid function, such as in buses, to the station, workshop and other places will be used to the product.