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    Aluminium tread plate for anti-slip,aluminium stair tread pl

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

Aluminium checker plate is also called aluminium diamond plate or aluminium tread plate. It has a raised surface, which provide excellent anti-slip function(aluminium tread plate for anti-slip). Benefit from this advantage, the checker plate is commonly used in the factory, industry and workshop for the anti-slip floorings, floor treads or platforms. Checker plate is made from various materials and has different types and sizes. We will give you a brief introduction of the tread plate.

Checker plate also called chequered plate with galvanized steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel materials, can be used in flooring and ceilings.
Diamond aluminium plate. Diamond plate is a lightweight plate with the regular pattern on one side surface. The surface has different pattern. Such as the diamond pattern, willow leaf pattern, lentil pattern and round pattern. The most popular pattern is 5 bars of the willow leaf, it has better anti-skid performance than the 2 bars or 3 bars. The other side of the surface is flat, so it is easy to be fastened to the land.
Aluminum checker plate. It is the checker plate which is made from aluminum steel. It is the most popular checker plate in the daily life, it can resist the corrosion and rust. It can remain high value after it being replaced. The polished aluminum checker plate has bright surface, which is usually used as decoration materials in the architecture.
Aluminium stair tread plates are ideal for retrofitting over existing dangerously slick flooring in applications that require a lightweight corrosion resistant surface. Non-slip aluminum plate stair treads are a cost effective way to create an instantly safe surface without completely replacing existing flooring.,Non slip aluminum stair tread has high rigidity and skid resistance, such materials are widely used as vehicle flooring and anti-skid. The stair tread has a male/female interlocking design and can be installed over structural members to provide a solid, skid resistant flooring.

Aluminum Alloy: 1100, 3003, 5052
Temper: H14, H16, H18 H24, H32, H112;
Pattern: Two bars, three bars, five bars, diamond bars.
Thickness: 1.0 - 5.0mm; Width: 500 ~ 2000mm
· Available in solid or punched
· Slip resistant
· Lightweight
· Easy to install
· Corrosion resistant
· Attractive
· Versatile
· Self cleaning

Features in detail
Anti-skid. It is benefit from the raised surface of the checker plate.
Anti-corrosion and rust. The aluminum and galvanized material can help the checker plate from the corrosive and dusty environments.
Anti-high temperature and alkaline. This is the main feature of the stainless steel checker plate.
Decorative. The bright surface, especially the polished aluminum checker plate has outstanding decorative affection.
Easy to install and economical. They are one-piece structure and lightweight, we can install them with few people and less cost.
Various application
Checker plater can be made from different material, so they can be used in various environment. Such as the places exposed to the chemical, heat, corrosion, dust and watering. It is usually used in the chemical workshops, wastewater treatment plants, offshore oil production platforms and so on.
Benefit from the anti-slip feature, the checker plate is used as the anti-slip floorings in the majority situations. Such as the workshops, running boards of car, stair treads, subways, walkways, lifting equipments, etc.
Because of the decorative feature, the aluminium tread plate is usually used as the decorative materials in the inner and outer architectures. Such as the ceilings, furniture, cabinets, elevators, tiles, design studios and so on.