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Installation Technique of 1.5mm aluminum tread plate

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    Aluminium tread plate, many customers are are interested in aluminum tread plate?but,How to install aluminium tread plate

    1. Select the screw head does not reveal the connection method, that is, one end of the aluminium tread plate with screws, the other end of the aluminum tread plate 1.5mm into a part, just cover the screw, the facade role, because the aluminium tread plate Between the 6MM wide gap, so the vertical lines into a section of the concave angle of the line, the rich facade of the building, breaking the monotonous feeling.

    2. If it is steel skeleton, then drill with a drill in the direction of screw drilling a hole, the aperture should be based on the standard screw to decide, and then patterned aluminum panels with self-tapping screws firmly. If it is wood frame, you can use wood screws to the pattern aluminum plate screw.

    3 pattern of aluminum structure to accept the mouth, the level of the top of the pressure, the end of the mouth, two different materials at the junction, to use elastic sealant for disposal.

    4.aluminium tread plate and 1.5mm aluminum tread plate between the gap is usually 5-10MM, with rubber or sealant and other flexible information disposal.