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Aluminum tread plate thickness aluminium tread plate sizes

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    Aluminum tread plate thickness is one of the factors that determine the price of the product, more thicker more higher price ?, the domestic enterprises for the Aluminum tread plate thickness have two ways of understanding:

    According to the order for the 4mm + 1mm aluminium tread plate can have the following two explanations:

    1. the default anodised aluminium tread plate thickness of the substrate thickness, that is to remove the thickness of the plate, which is recognized in the industry a way, that is the substrate thickness is 4.0, the pattern height of 1.0 (Note: the provisions of national standards, Pattern height of 1.0 +0.4 mm the current domestic basic pattern height of 0.7-0.8mm) can be directly into the 4.0mm thickness aluminum plate,

    2. some companies will be known as the series of 5.0mm thickness, that is, including the pattern height of 5.0mm thickness, in fact, the title is not standard, but because some companies do not understand the national standards for aluminum alloy tread plate, so here special instructions.

    Advantage of Haomei aluminum: usually the aluminium tread plate sizes can be done around 6mm, and Haomei company's embossing equipment is imported from Germany to suppress the thickness of 12mm within the aluminum tread plate, can suppress the width of less than 2200 aluminum tread plate, Ultra-wide, thick is the advantage of the characteristics of our product.

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