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Marine Aluminum Tread Plate for Ship Deck

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    The marine aluminum tread plate is a commonly used aluminum plate for ship deck. For good skid-proof performance, we usually choose bar bar aluminum sheet and diamond plate. It features good anti-skid effect, strong anti-rust ability and light weight.
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    5052 aluminum plate is a representative product of 5xxx aluminum tread plate. It has high hardness and higher tensile strength. With the addition of magnesium alloy over 2.5%, 5052 aluminum has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, and can be well adapted to high strength and high corrosion resistance occasions like ships and vehicles.
    Compared with 5052 aluminum sheet, 5083 and 5754 aluminum sheet has higher hardness. At the same time, due to the addition of silicon alloy, the wear resistance of them is better than other 5xxx aluminum alloys. 6061 aluminum checker plate is also used for the ships due to good strength.
    The common thickness of marine aluminum tread plate is 6mm aluminum diamond plate. The higher the pattern, the stronger the anti-slip ability. 5052 6mm aluminum tread plate is not only used in ships but also aerospace industry. 3003 6mm diamond plate is mainly used in train carriages.
    There are many specifications of marine grade aluminum tread plates. It has rich patterns like 1 bar, 3 bar, 5 bar,etc. Different thickness also affects its price. The price of 3mm aluminum plate and 2mm five bar aluminum plate are naturally different. Haomei Aluminum has different alloys of marine aluminum plates. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.