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Black aluminium checker plate for truck flooring

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      The black aluminium checker plate for truck flooring is mainly of 1100, 3003, 5052, 5754 or 6061 alloy, 1.0mm to 3mm thick and up to 3800mm wide. The truck flooring can be made by either aluminium plates or other metal plates. Although aluminium flooring is more expensive, it lasts longer and costs low in maintenance. Other metal plates must be covered with an extra layer of non-metal sheets which are less wearing resistant and gets moist soon. Aluminium checker flooring plates have no such problems. There’s only one layer of aluminum plate of 3.0mm to 4.0mm thick, usually with the five bar or diamond pattern. The specifications are as below.
    diamond black aluminium checker plate

      Alloy series: 1 series 3 series 5 series 6 series

      Typical alloy 1100, 1060, 3003, 5052, 5754, 5083, 6061, 6063, 6082

      Material status H*2, H*4, T4, T6

      Thickness (mm) 1.2-8.0

      Width (mm) 100-1850

      Length (mm) 500-16000

      Although the price of black aluminium checker plate is more expensive than regular aluminium checker plates, and much more expensive than steel checker plates, it’s popular as a high-end truck flooring material. It has a good anti-skid effect, and is mainly used for the anti-skid of the carriage, the platform, the floor of the cold storage, the floor of the workshop, and the elevator. In practical cases, 1100H24 and 3003H24 aluminum checker plates are popular. Their hardness and corrosion resistance are enough in flooring application. Black alu checker plates have gone through an extra process of color coating, featured by even stronger corrosion and wearing resistance. The most popular patterns are diamond, five bar, two bar and three bar. The prices of plates with these patterns are lower than those with other patterns, too. Owing to inequality in grades, specifications and thicknesses, processing techniques, sales models of different manufacturers, the price varies from supplier to supplier.