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  • Name:

    Black aluminium checker plate sheets for sale

  • Minimum Order Quantity:3 Metric Tons
  • Port: Any port of China
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Product Description

  Alloy: 1100、1060、3003、5052、5754、5083、6061、6063、6082

  Thickness: 1.2mm-8mm

  Width: 850mm-1650mm

  Length: 600mm-6500mm

  Port of loading: Qingdao

  Certificate: ISO9001:2008
black aluminum checker plate

  Our black aluminium checker plate sheets have a semi-gloss black coating with PVC protection. Unique color of black makes the sheets particularly suitable for flooring, wall cladding and decorative applications in trailers, trucks, vans, coaches, garages, gyms, shopping malls, lifts and so on. A black aluminum checker plate has been processed by pressing a mill finish aluminium sheet with a roller bearing a raised 5 bar, 1 bar or diamond pattern on the surface and then coated with a black paint. A checkered plate is also known as chequered plate, cheaquer plate, pattern plate, embossed plate etc.

  Haomei aluminium black checker plate for sale is of top quality and even our modern-looking raised diamond pattern gives you a striking look. Our hot sale 1060 and 5052 aluminium checker plates are weather and corrosion-proof, easy to clean, and skid-resistant. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications for both indoors and outdoors. Examples of black aluminium checkered plates include cosmetic packaging (shiny and attractive appearance), flooring for vehicles, wall cladding for gyms and showrooms, marine building and so on.

  Our black aluminum diamond plate 4x8 is typically used for both industrial and domestic purposes due to its high strength, low cost, malleability, and machinability. It is commonly used as a form of safe, resilient flooring and can also be used as a light construction material.

  After years of technical research and development, Haomei has built two online quenching lines, which not only improves product performance, but also accelerates production speed and greatly shortens production cycle. Haomei black aluminium checker plate sheets are good for bending, folding and cold forming, used as scuff (kick) plates, running boards, mud flaps shop fittings, boats and other decorative panels. It cuts cleanly, leaving a smooth edge.