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Which industries application of aluminium tread plate in

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    Aluminium tread plate is a kind of common aluminum products. The scope application of aluminum products is very extensive, aluminum products as the basic raw materials, suitable for a variety of industries appear every kind of aluminum products, such as aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum strip, aluminum rod ,aluminum foil and so on.

    Aluminum checker/tread plate is a kind of very common aluminum plate product, the pattern is various: pointer type, two bars, three bars, five bars, orange peel pattern, diamond pattern, hyacinth bean pattern... And so on; because the pattern aluminum plate cost-effective, has replaced the traditional metal materials, become the first choice in various industries, one of its most widely used is that it can play anti slip function(aluminium tread plate for anti-slip,aluminium stair tread plte).
    We are most familiar with the diamond aluminum plate occasions, buses, elevators, freight cars, cold storage and so on. The diamond aluminum plate has many advantages, such as high hardness, easy processing, corrosion resistance, long life, recyclable, and so on. It is the preferred material for anti-skid engineering in all kinds of occasions. According to the specific use of different occasions, but also can be divided into pure aluminum, aluminum manganese alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum magnesium silicon alloy and other materials. Commonly used patterns are: pointer, five bars, lentils and other patterns.
    Aluminum tread plate is also used to produce refrigeration equipment. Such as freezers, refrigerators, air conditioning, and so on, generally use orange peel pattern aluminum plate. Many inside the refrigerator are covered with orange peel pattern aluminum plate. In addition to refrigeration equipment, orange peel pattern aluminum plate in the field of product packaging is also very common.