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Two different anti-slip aluminum tread plate

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    There are two different anti-slip aluminum tread plate:Bright tread plate and a 5 bar pattern diamond plate. Aluminum alloys and sizing are available on request. Aluminium bright comes in a sheet size 2438 x 1219mm, whilst the standard size for the 5 bar pattern is 2500 x 1250mm Aluminum tread bright thickness is slightly different .

    Aluminum tread plate is practical, decorative, durable and economical. Used as decking, stair-tread, walkways and flooring.

    Aluminum diamond plate has many pattern types, aluminium checker plate, aluminium chequered plate, aluminium chequered plates are all belonging to aluminum tread plate. Common pattern types include needle pattern, diamond-shaped pattern, 3 bars and 5 bars diamond plate. Due to different beautiful patterns and light weight, aluminum tread plate is widely used in the ceiling of homes. Decorative industry is one of its common using conditions, too.

    Apart from aluminum floor plate, there are many other relative aluminum sheet profiles. Embossed aluminum sheet is another large kind. This kind of aluminum sheet profile is also known as dimpled aluminum sheet, textured aluminum sheet, pressed aluminium sheets, hammered aluminum sheet, etc. The designations are different according to different patterns. Speaking to application, embossed aluminum sheet mainly being used in packaging and building industries, such as curtain walls. Embossed aluminum sheet can also be used as the inner wall of all kinds of household appliances such as refrigerator, freezer.