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solve the problem of aluminum alloy surface crack

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    Aluminum alloy flat ingot casting surface crack is a common defect.Aluminum alloy surface crack problems of semicontinuous casting process should consider many factors:

    Mold taper;

    Casting temperature '

    Casting process slag

    Melt Overheating;

    Casting process too fast

    cooling system

    Alloy chemical composition


    aluminum alloy 5052

    Aluminum alloy flat ingot surface crack of solution:

    The key to solve this problem to consider three main links:

    Is the varieties of alloy chemical composition control

    Varieties of casting process is alloy.

    Is operation skills and natural conditions.

    3003 h14 aluminum

    The crystallization of aluminum alloy is also called the condensing tank, play a decisive role for casting.Aluminum alloy changes of taper of mould for casting can not be ignored.Taper of mould is too large flat ingot casting surface segregation tumors will increase, once the operation is not good will surface cracks, slag generated again when too narrow casting slab ingot mould can produce the surface cracking.A good teacher will adjust the size of the mould, casting to prevent flat bursts in the casting surface crack.

    Aluminum alloy flat ingot surface crack for cooling water is very important.Cooling water is distributed evenly, bedding face and small surface strength, water size, water temperature are very big influence on solid-liquid region.

    To sum up, the aluminum alloy flat ingot surface crack is made one of the common defects in the process of melting, eight analysis reason should be attention in the process of casting, will be the fault to ignore every detail, loss and waste.The control problem of alloy composition and impurities as well as the process setting need to be studied according to different environment analysis, make accurate judgment.For example: the surface of the aluminum alloy flat ingot slag smelting operation again in one of the most cause of surface crack.Majority is caused by improper operation, such as furnace temperature control - water - speed - flow disk horn mouth whether level off - crystallizer liquid surface height, there is every detail such as the operation.In order to prevent the happening of the aluminum alloy flat ingot surface crack phenomenon.From semi-continuous casting to the fully automatic casting, such as: automatic internal quality of casting defects is a new topic.For example: plume crystal column crystal. The vertical tree. Shining crystal column and prevention, such as we will continue to study and explore.