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The function of washing aluminium tread plate

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    Aluminium tread plate
    is a commodity with high expectation. Washing can play a very good role in maintenance and extension of life. Different washing methods bring different effects. Let's simply understand the role and importance of washed patterned diamond aluminium sheet plate.
    As for the scouring of the appearance of tread aluminium sheet, different scouring methods have different effects, but if the scouring is not clean, it will bring serious corrosion.
    The function of washing aluminium chequered plate:
    First, chemical polishing water washing, in order to wash off the appearance of the chemical agent aluminium chequered tread plate, it is best to select the use of mobile water, to avoid the viscous agent does not wash clean.
    Secondly, in addition to the washing after oil, remove the oil stain on the surface of pattern aluminium sheet, and try to reduce the influence of oil stain on the appearance of aluminum checker plate.
    Thirdly, water washing after neutralization can reduce the effect of some corrosive agents on the function of diamond aluminium plate.