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Orange peel stucco aluminum plate in refrigeration industry

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    We sell and provide the orange peel stucco aluminum plate to your material needs.orange peel stucco embossed aluminium are usually used 1060 or 3003.3003 stucco embossed orange peel stucco aluminum plate corrosion resistance is better.
    Aerospace - 2024, 6013, 6061, 7075
    Construction - 3003, 5052, 6061
    Electrical and Chemical Applications - 1100
    General Machining Applications - 3003, 5052

    Aluminum plate Orange peel a lot used as drains for building a permanent building, moreover because its environmentally friendly aluminum plate orange peel is very easy in the clear.
    Application : Mainly used insigns, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise buildings and factories wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamp, fan leaves, with pieces of electronic, chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning hollowware, welding parts, heat exchangers, bell surface and disk, plate, kitchenware, decorations, reflective devices, ect
    In recent years, accompanied by refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning and other refrigeration industry development, a product called orange peel stucco embossed aluminium has also been the market concern,the full name of orange peel aluminum plate is orange peel stucco embossed aluminum, It's a kind of stucco embossed aluminum,The kind of aluminium plate is named for its orange peel appearance.
    There are different kinds of orange peel stucco embossed aluminum, mainly for the classical orange peel stucco embossed aluminium, variable orange peel stucco embossed aluminum. Air conditioning, refrigerators and other refrigeration industry, the largest demand for orange peel stucco embossed aluminum, it is also used in some packaging areas.The commonly used orange peel stucco embossed aluminum for refrigeration equipment, thickness generally from 0.3MM-1.5MM, width of 800-1200MM, you can make the required specifications according to your needs.
    The non-heat treatable alloys of 1000, 3000, and 5000 series are all strengthened by various degrees of cold working, as denoted by the "H" tempers.
    With treatment of anodic oxidation, the aluminum sheet is equipped with characteristics like corrosion resistance, weather resistance, Insulating, heat resistance and so on, so it's more practical and really durable. Anodized aluminum sheet is non-toxic and no pollution not like spray lacquer.
    The heat treatable alloys of 2000, 6000 and 7000 are such that when subjected to thermal temperatures, they again pronounced strengthening. Hence, tempers are indicated by "T". These alloys are also inventoried in clad form to increase corrosion resistance. All of the aluminum alloys are available in the annealed condition or commonly referred to as "O".
    Thickness from 0.2mm to more than 200mm are available for your needs. LingfenHAOMEI Aluminum can process to your special requirements and support traceability with complete Mill Test Certificate(MTC) and the essential industry specifications. More details can contact me (E-mail:daisy@haomeicn.com) directly.