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How to water processing of aluminum checker plate

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    Aluminum checker plate in daily use, the aluminum will be dirty, so it needs to be washed.

    After alkaline etching, the surface of the checker aluminum plate will remain a lot of liquid. Alkali after the liquid is very difficult to clean. Therefore, when the aluminium tread plate washing process, it should be from the point of view of cleaning products. First of all, the water in the sink should be kept temperature and alkaline, do not change the water. After the two washes, a stirring operation can be performed to ensure the cleaning effect. After washing, it should be based on workload.

    Followed by diamond plate aluminum wash, when at least twice washed. The use of this method of washing, it is recommended to use circulating water cleaning, the reason to do so, the main purpose is in order to protect the normal use of the oxidation tank. Because in the tank, there will be nitric acid. Into the oxidation tank which can not form an oxide film, reducing the aging of the oxide film. After two simple washing, it should be chemical polishing washing.

    Because after washing treatment, corrugated aluminum sheet will become more beautiful.