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How to clean diamond aluminium tread plate better

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    How to do not damage the surface of the diamond aluminium tread plate, how to clean it more better?

    Firstly, in the process of using diamond aluminium plate, if it is filled with alkaline solution, it is easy to be corroded by alkaline solution, which will leave a thin alkaline film on the surface of the sheet aluminum . So how can we clean it? We can use all kinds of mild alkaline detergents sold on the market, combined with warm water for cleaning.
    Secondly, in addition, if this kind of aluminum plate is used in neutralizing reaction vessel, it is easy to leave different acidic substances and reactants on the pattern aluminium plate. In this case, we must look at the types of residues contaminated on the board. If it is metal residue, then it can be cleaned by scrubbing. If it is a common residue, we can use the circulating water to flush the pattern aluminium plate as targeted as possible.
    Thirdly, when patterned aluminium sheets are exposed to air for a long time, they will be affected by the moisture content in the air, and then play a corrosive role.
    So how to clean up the situation?
    First of all, we need to deal with corrosion resistance. Normally, this kind of aluminum checker sheet plate will naturally form an oxide film in the air, and the existence of this film can help us prevent deeper oxidation corrosion. When cleaning, you can first choose the brushing method for the surface stains of the aluminum tread plate, and then rinse repeatedly with clean water.