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How to choose the high quality aluminum checker plate

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    Three bars, five bars, compass pattern aluminumare aluminum checker plate, can see its shadow in the construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other fields. How to choose high quality aluminum checker plate?

    Aluminum checker/tread plate thickness.High quality pattern aluminum plate of the selected sheet, its thickness, strength and thickness of oxide film should meet the national standards, such as: aluminium plate thickness of 1.2 mm or more, the tensile strength of 157 or more cattle per square millimeter, yield strength of 108 or more cattle per square millimeter, thickness of oxide film or 10 microns.

    Aluminum checker plate processing. The regular production of large diamond aluminum plate, exquisite material, surface smooth and bright, clear pattern neat, flat plate, no oil, surface scratches, broken and other defects; and small factory production checker plate sheet/plate, with aluminum material, the surface of the pattern is not clear, dim and dark, irregular, the surface is not smooth, the performance does not meet the quality. Poor.

    Aluminium tread checker plate sheets coil price. The aluminum plate is divided into pure aluminum and alloy aluminum, its price is not the same. The regular factory production pattern aluminum processing price a ton of thousands of yuan, the price is higher than that of pure aluminum alloy, the regular manufacturers of aluminum aluminum is higher than the price of inferior 20%-30%.

    Good sale service. The workshop to the enterprise from the factory production line, to go through the middle packing, loading, transportation, storage, package many links, will inevitably lead to defect aluminum checker plate oxidation, such as scratch, large scale, good service provider can refund, change service for the user, for the user to solve the menace from the rear.