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Embossed aluminum plate raw materials and classification

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    1, raw materials: 1060/3003 aluminium plate Thickness: 0.08 --- 2.0mm width: 100 --- 1370mm

    2, the pressure Playboy: Classic orange peel, worm pattern, teardrop pattern, diamond pattern, hammer, beans pattern, diamond pattern, pebble grain, water ripples, shell carving patterns

    3, corrugated aluminum: thickness: 0.3-1.5mm, type: YX35-125-750,23-210-840; 12-100-880; 14-65-850; 25-205-820; 15-225-900

    Embossed aluminum sheet Category:

    1,aluminium five bar tread plate/aluminum tread plate 5 bar: five bars non-slip aluminum turned into willow-shaped markings plate, aluminum plate markings. With outstanding talent slip, and it is widely used in construction (floor) channel planning and so on. Because aluminum outer markings in accordance with the level of five parallel stripes placed in accordance with the relative, and the 60-80 degree angle appears between each stripe and other markings, so this streak has excellent anti-skid function.(aluminium tread plate brisbane) Domestic generally used such as aluminum with non-slip and has excellent non-slip effect, the price plus cheap(aluminum tread plate cost).

    2, aluminium diamond tread plate/aluminium propeller plate: non-slip aluminum, and five bars play the same role, but do not use.

    3, orange peel aluminum plate: Classic Orange markings aluminum, aluminum stripe variation orange peel (aluminium tread plate birmingham). Its exterior appears similar to the stripes of orange peel, orange peel markings so they can be referred to an aluminum plate. Refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging commonly used markings series products.

    4, Aluminium Pebbles embossed sheets(aluminum tread plate cheap) is commonly used as a non-slip aluminum style, with outstanding non-slip effect, mainly for cars, channel-slip, non-slip floor cold, non-slip floor workshop, elevator slip aspect.