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Different classifications and uses of aluminium coils

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    According to the different surface treatment methods of aluminum coils, it can be divided into differet type:

    1, five bars aluminum alloy aluminum coil sheet: five bars anti slip aluminum plate and become willow shaped aluminum coil, aluminum alloy aluminum coil. It has good anti slip ability, and is widely used in building (floor) platform design and so on.

    2,aluminum tread plate patterns: antiskid aluminum plate with the same effect as five bars , but not often used.

    3, orange peel aluminum alloy coil sheet is divided into: classical orange peel aluminum coil, variation orange peel aluminum coil.

    4, lentils aluminum coil is a commonly used anti slip aluminum plate style, has a good anti slip effect.

    5, spherical aluminum coil can also be called semi-circular spherical aluminum coil.s

    6, diamond aluminum alloy coil sheet,aluminum diamond plate: packaging pipes or external packaging commonly used.