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aluminum welding should pay attention to matters

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    1. The electrode must be evenly coated with flux in order to ensure the quality of the solder joint

    2. Welding rod can not be heated after the welding gun dipped in solder powder, because the melting point of the electrode is too low.1060 aluminium tread plate

    3. Torch flame can not be too long, and must use the micro-fire heating, or dispersant aluminum plate can easily melt.6061 aluminium tread plate price

    4. The liner must be placed wet towels, protection in place, because the welding space is very small, so be sure to pay attention to the protection of the refrigerator 5. Welding one-time success is better, because the aluminum melt spinning cutter point is too low, the second reheat , Aluminum plate easily deformed. 6. Welding time can not be too long, too long due to too long melting point easily lead to aluminum tube wall melting or thinning, easy to leak pressure.aluminium tread plate for anti-slip

    7. Welding is completed, to wait for the nylon silk special slurry two or three minutes after the pipe cooling can be exposed to the cement storage pool, or solder joints easy to leak.

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