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The role of the pattern on the surface of the aluminium trea

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    1. Anti-skid: (aluminium tread plate ramp)anti-skid function is the aluminium tread plate sheet compared to aluminum or aluminum alloy is the main difference between the main, I believe we are in the bus compartment of the aluminium tread plate uk, and the main role in the bus compartment is the main anti-skid;

    2. Applicable to a wider range: Do not think this can make the aluminum plate looks more attractive, in fact, in addition to this point outside the landscaping effect compared to ordinary aluminum, its anti-corrosion ability, greater hardness, elasticity is better, so more Industry, the field will use this aluminum;

    3. Space used in the aluminium tread plate uk is also a lot of places, the general material is aluminum and magnesium gold plate, good elasticity, hardness, pressure ability, anti-corrosion, the surface with a pattern can also play non-slip, beautiful .

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