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Aluminium tread plate features and applications

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      The aluminium tread plate is rolled by a roller press (probably this means), forming a convex pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate. It has a wide range of uses in platforms, walkways, paving panels, floors, platform stairs in power plants, water plants and other factories, and municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering and other fields, as well as theaters, visiting platforms, parking lots and other large venues. There are many kinds of aluminum chequered plates, such as lentil shape, diamond shape, round bean shape, oblate mixed shape and so on. The most common is the five-reinforced patterned aluminum plate (shaped like a willow leaf). With the same material, the five-reinforced patterned plate is 300 to 500 yuan higher than an aluminum flat plate. The checkered plate has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, anti-skid, strengthening performance, saving steel and so on. It is widely applied in transportation, construction, decoration, floor surrounding equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields.
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      The aluminium tread plate mainly includes 3 aluminum alloy series. The alloy model used for the 1 series is mainly 1060 aluminum plate. The 1 series aluminium checker plate has low requirements for mechanical properties and mechanical properties, and is low in price, so it is widely used. The main products in the 3 series of patterned aluminum plates, 3003 pattern plate and 3105 aluminum tread plates, are mostly used where a certain anti-rust function is required. The main products of 5-series aluminum-manganese alloy checkered plates are 5052 checkered plates and 5754 checkered plates. In terms of pattern type, the currently commonly used patterned aluminum plates on the market are based on five-reinforced patterned aluminum plates. The five-reinforced patterned aluminum plates have better anti-slip effects and lower processing. Of course, aluminium checkered plate prices depend on the performance and alloys of the plate.