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5083 aluminum tread plate specifications and price

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      5083 aluminum tread plate is made of 5083 aluminium alloy, ranking top in regular aluminium checker plates which are of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series. 1xxx aluminum tread plates are also known as pure aluminium plates in China, simply because it’s the purest one, containing the highest amount of aluminium of all alloy series. 3xxx contains an alloying metal of manganese, and 5xxx magnesium. 5xxx plates have the best performances in hardness, corrosion resistance and service life, and 5083 is its representative.

      Specifications of our 5083 aluminium tread plate are as below.

      Alloy: 5083

      Temper: O-H112

      Thickness: 1-8mm (without pattern)
    5083 aluminum tread plate

      Pattern: diamond, five-bar, one-bar, ripple, three bar, four bar (one side featured and the other featureless)

      Width: up to 2200mm

      Length: up to 16000mm

      Surface treatment: mill finish, anodized, polished, coated etc.

      5083 aluminum tread plate price

      The price of 5083 aluminum checker plate ranges between 2500 to 3000 dollars per metric ton. We are not able to give a specific price here because we are not sure about your detailed requirements in temper, thickness, pattern and surface treatment methods. An alternative is to tell us then end use of the tread plate and we will be able to recommend specifications for you.

      Among leading aluminum plate suppliers, we have won a fame in the global market after over a decade of hard work. Customs in more than 70 countries witnessed the development of our company. In addition to 5083 aluminium checker plate, we also supply plain aluminium plates and tread plates of other alloys. Welcome to contact us for more information! And please send as more details as possible to obtain a direct price!