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Features and price of 3003-h22 aluminum tread plate

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      The 3003-h22 aluminum tread plate refers to a 3003 aluminum plate with patterns. Its main strength lies in excellent anti-slip performances and good hardness. The anti-slip pattern 3003-h22 aluminum tread plate is often used for stairs, floor decoration, refrigerated truck, automobile floor and non-slip floor. 3003 plates produced by Haomei Aluminum have patterns of one rib, two ribs, three ribs and five ribs.

      Features of 3003-h22 aluminum tread plate

      1, 3003 tread plate has a wide application field and a moderate strength;

      2. This product has a strong plasticity, easy forming and good processing performance;
    3003-h22 aluminum tread plate

      3. The 3003 aluminum tread plate produced by Haomei controls the impurity element Cu within the range of 0.%, which better guarantees its corrosion resistance;

      4, the surface quality of this product is excellent, no waves, oil spots, roller marks and burrs, etc., trimming neatly.

      Price of 3003-h22 aluminum tread plate

      Manufacturers usually offer free selection and provide more affordable offer, but the price of aluminum tread plate is not stable, for it varies from specification to specification and supplier to supplier. Choosing a reliable manufacturer can guarantee you to buy more cost efficient tread plates. Haomei Aluminum will arrange professional technical personnel to meet the actual needs of clients to conduct one-to-one selection guidance, customize more reasonable and scientific production plans on demand, and recommend reasonable product specifications.