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Why aluminum tread plate can adapt to various industries

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    Characteristics of Aluminum tread plate

    Aluminum tread plate is a kind of patterned aluminum sheet, in fact, the patterns on the surface of aluminum plate are various: ribbed, chequer, diamond and many other designs. What’s more, aluminum floor plate is so useful because its great characteristics.

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    Aluminum plates are not only safe for health but also easy to carry. So in packaging and container, aluminum floor plate is a better choice. Aluminum floor plate can be steam cleaned, so it also can be used in kitchen.

    Aluminum is the good conductor of heat and electricity. On the basis of equal weight, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is nearly two times more than copper. Thus, aluminum floor plate is an important part in electronic appliance industry .

    Aluminum tread plate is non-ferromagnetic and non-pyrophoric. This higher safety factor means aluminum floor plate is the first choice on applications of contact various flammable and explosive materials.

    Finally, aluminum tread plate had excellent formability and weldability. Good machinability is a key factor in the later processing. That is also a reason why aluminum tread plate can adapt to the needs of various industries.

    Using Conditions

    As in the name, the most common using condition of aluminium floor plate is on the floor of all kinds of architecture. The patterns on the surface of aluminum floor plate is playing an important role. Besides beauty, the pattern designs can also anti-skid in various places. Such as in subway passage, in elevators, etc. And the anti-slide plate inside card is also made from aluminum floor plate. In building and construction industry, aluminum floor plate is also can be used in parts of homes, school, hospitals, footbridges, towers, office buildings and so on.

    Because its excellent corrosion resistance, diamond plate aluminum 4x8 mirror finish sheet can be used in refrigeration house and other similar wetter places. Such as ships, houseboat, trailers.