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What are the main characteristics of tread aluminum plate

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    What are the main characteristics of tread aluminum plate? What should we pay attention to when choosing pattern aluminium sheet?
    Patterned diamond aluminium sheet is one of the most common building materials. Aluminum plate has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and strong plasticity.
    After the aluminium tread plate is electrified, it can also produce different colors, and different colors make the living room more layered. The whole checker aluminium sheet material is very light in weight, does not need to paint, the oxide layer will not fade pornography, will not appear the phenomenon of falling off. The diamond aluminium sheet is easy to use with good corrosion resistance, good skid resistance effect and good overall strength of the diamond aluminium sheet.
    In many construction industries, checker plate boards are used. The appearance and style of checker plate boards are various, the weight is relatively light, and there are different colors for you to choose. Many houses can choose aluminium alloy doors and windows when they are decorating, especially the doors and windows have good thermal insulation and sealing, which are widely used in various industries.
    In addition, in the metal industry, as well as aerospace equipment airtight industry will see its figure, because the checker plate airtight is better, has good waterproof, elasticity and durability. Especially in the profile, the fixed grooves of the sealing strip will be completed together in the extrusion process, which can greatly enhance its sealing.