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The application of aluminium chequer plate/coil roll

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    Aluminium tread plate is also commonly referred to as aluminium chequer plate, diamond or corrugated aluminum and gets its name from the distinctive 5 raised bars that give it non slip properties. It is manufactured using aluminium grade 5754 which has a high strength making it ideal for flooring as well as having excellent corrosion resistant properties.

    Aluminium checker plate/coil roll isvery resilient against aggressive substances and therefore, they regarded as indestructible. Due to their durability, they are used in many different areas because they do not lose their shape or look, even after a long time. Whether industrial floors, airplanes, ships and vehicles, or stairs indoors or outdoors - aluminium checker plates are a popular material which is appreciated for its excellent properties, the high resilience and the low weight. Even designers use these plates due to their decorative look.

    Five bar aluminum tread plate is an extremely versatile product because of its many features. The pattern makes it ideal for applications that require a slip resistant surface and because it is aluminium, it is corrosion resistant, lightweight and easy to fabricate.

    The application of aluminium chequer plate/coil roll

    Aluminium tread plate is used as flooring on both commercial vehicles and trailers and is also used as wall and door protection because of its light weight and durability. It is also used in many industrial settings such as stairways and walkways.

    Slip resistant. The raised diamond pattern provides traction that makes this material a popular option for steps, ramps, ladders, floors, running boards, loading docks, etc.

    Corrosion resistant. Aluminum is known for its ability to withstand the elements due to its resistance to corrosion.

    Hygienic. Diamond plate aluminum is easy to wash and can stand up to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. This is one reason diamond plate is used in walk-in refrigerators, industrial kitchens, and washrooms.

    Attractive. This type of aluminum can also be used for a more ornamental purpose, with various raised patterns and finishes available.

    Checker plate steel can also be found in parking lots, garages, elevators, handicapped access ramps, and more.