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Non-skid aluminium tread plate for various different uses

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    Aluminium tread plate and sheets is a cost effective solution for non-slip and corrosion resistant applications.We stock profound ranges of diamond aluminium tread/checker plates, which we all can deliver with quintet pattern. Do you request other aluminum tread plate types than the once introduced - you are welcome to contact us.Cut To Size all our Aluminium Checker plate sheets can be cut to your exact requirements .

    Aluminium Checker Plates non-skid properties mean that it is commonly used for various different uses including vehicle and trailer floors, ramps, industrial settings, for protecting walls and buildings and more recently for shopfitting and interior design. Our Aluminium Checker plate is available in three various thicknesses suitable for various uses. We also have a range of sizes in various lengths in stock for a quick delivery.
    Therefore, be aware that the thickness of the plates are measured without the pattern height, and therefore a 5/7 tread plate has a plate thickness of 5 mm and a pattern height of 2.0 mm.
    Aluminium tread plate is practical, functional non-slip surface, decorative, durable and economical. Aluminium tread plates are used as decking, stair-tread, walkways, loading bays, kick plates, flooring, vehicle accessories as well as many other decorative purposes.
    Aluminium Tread plate
    Alloy: 3003, 5052
    Temper: 3003 - H22, 3003 - H224, 5052 - 0
    Thickness (mm): 1.6mm to 6.0mm
    Width (mm): 1200, 1500mm
    Length (mm): 2400, 3000, 3600, 6000mm
    Finish: 5052 - 5 Bar - Mill finish, 3003 - 1 Bar Propeller - Bright finish
    Advantages of using Aluminium plate
    Light weight - approximately one-third the density of steel
    Strength - some alloys can be substantially strengthened by work or by heat treatment
    Workability - easily formed, machined and welded
    Corrosion resistance - varies depending on the alloy and the best resist marine exposure
    Non-toxic - often used in contact with food
    Non-magnetic and non-sparking
    Electrical conductivity - high
    Thermal conductivity - high
    Reflectivity - bright finish options available.