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How to install aluminium tread plate---Haomei aluminum plate

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    How to install aluminium tread plate? The choice of screw head does not reveal the connection method, that is, a pattern of aluminum plate with one end of the screw fixed, the other end of a pattern of aluminum one part deep, just cover the screw, the facade role, because the pattern between the aluminum strip 6mm Section of the gap, so a vertical concave into the line angle, enriched the facade of the building, breaking the monotonous feeling.

    If the aluminium tread plate is steel skeleton, you can first drill with a drill screw in the direction of drilling a hole, the aperture should be based on the standard screw resolution, and then patterned aluminum plate with self-tapping screws firmly. If the wooden frame, it should be directly with the wood screw pattern aluminum plate screwed on the skeleton.

    The gap between the aluminium tread plate and the aluminium tread sheet is usually 5 to 10 mm and is disposed of with elastic material such as rubber strip or sealant.