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How to choose suitable aluminum tread plate 4x8

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      The aluminum tread plate 4x8 is widely used in various industries. How to choose the best plate in your purchasing?

      First, we must observe the appearance and color of an aluminum tread plate 4x8. The color of the plate reflects the material of the aluminum plate from the side. Excellent plates usually have bright colors and high gloss, while the inferior ones are featured by dull colors, thus the color is also the most intuitive way to judge the quality of an aluminum tread plate.
    aluminum tread plate 4x8

      Second, look at the work of aluminum tread plates. Make a detailed inspection of the workmanship of the pattern aluminum plate (such as checking whether the flatness of the pattern aluminum plate is in place, whether the surface pattern work is complete, etc.) to judge its quality. At the time of purchase, it is also possible to check the relevant properties of the material. For example, to check the strength of the aluminum plate, we can listen to the sound emitted by tapping the aluminum plate by hand.

      In addition, in the purchase, you also need to consider the performance of the aluminum tread plate 4x8, combined with the user's own needs. For example, 1060 pattern aluminum plate can adapt to the normal environment, low price, usually used for cold storage, floor, outer packaging, etc.; 3003 aluminum plate is also called rust-proof aluminum plate, the strength is slightly higher than ordinary aluminum alloy plate, with certain anti-rust performance. However, the hardness and corrosion resistance are not as good as the 5000 series, so this product is usually used for less demanding rust prevention, such as truck models, cold storage floors, etc.