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Aluminium tread plate prices is falling rapidly in China

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    There is no doubt that this is a good news for decorative pattern plate buyers from all over the world:Aluminium tread plate prices is falling rapidly in China.
    HAOMEI aluminum is an professional aluminium tread plate factory manufacturer for more than 20 years,we have great quality aluminum foil, circle, sheet, mirror and embossed sheet, coil and so on.
    Aluminium tread plate prices have a downward trend in China now.the key cities for the domestic aluminum checker plate price is in 13463 yuan, the average price from Friday fell by 15 yuan, in addition to tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing and other key monitoring cities appear different levels drop, drop in 10 to 40 yuan, second - and third-tier cities also have collapsed, domestic pattern aluminum prices decline in weeks ahead.

    Profit growth was mainly local enterprises has its own mines, spontaneous electrical and factors such as investment gains and baotou rare earth profit, excluding the above factors, decorative aluminium chequered diamond plate business profit has very low levels.Gross industrial output value, product sales income, taxes and profits growth levels are lower than a year ago, the average profit rate is only 2.19% significantly lower than the national industrial enterprises above designated size average profit margins.
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    Grade:1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,6000 etc.
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    Temper;H30,H114,H22.H24,F,O,T4,T6 etc.
    Pattern:Big 5 bars, Small 5 bars, Diamond, 3 bar, Pointer etc.
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