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How to Store Aluminium Tread Plate

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      As known to all, proper storing of aluminium tread plate helps to maintain its original properties. Bad storage conditions is bound to have negative influence on the plates. They may damage the plates appearance or shorten their service life. Therefore, it’s really crucial for users to keep aluminium tread plate in right environments.
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      It’s not recommended to place aluminium tread plate in surroundings as below. First, don’t leave the plates in pollution-carrying space. Such places always have too many pollutants that may rust surface of the plates and eventually influence their service life. Second, close room with corrosive materials prove to be bad storage place, too. In spite of the fact that aluminium tread plate shows perfect anti-rust performance, it doesn’t guarantee that no corrosion problems will ever occur in practical application. The protective layer of the plate proves to be vulnerable to some corrosive chemicals. Third, the plate should be kept away from water as long as possible. Although water does no harm to aluminum products in normal circumstances, long exposure to moisture would increase possibility of rusting. Fourth, never place items of aluminium tread plate surface near sharp things like knives or items with sharp edges like glass. Or else accidental cutting may leave ugly marks on the surface.

      Based on the information above, we can conclude that items with aluminium tread plate should be stored in dry, clean environment with good ventilation. Only in this way can we extend their service life as long as possible. Haomei Aluminum, aluminum alloy manufacturer of over thirty years history and over ten years of exporting experience, has sold our products to thirty countries and regions around the world. We supply aluminium tread plate of competitive price. Welcome to contact us for more information!