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Function of washing for aluminum checker plate

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      The development of aluminum checker plate enlarges application scope of aluminum plates greatly. It enables people to produce aluminum plates of various designs to cater for different usages. For example, five-bar plates are used as anti-slip boards in refrigeration houses and in front of elevators. Stucco embossed aluminum plates serve as perfect decorative boards. In addition, aluminum checker plates function as perfect raw materials for domestic appliances like fridges and washing machines. In previous articles we have discussed manufacturing process of aluminum tread plate. As a matter of fact, the processes are more complex if explained in details. Take washing for example, it includes at least three methods for different functions.
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      Washing for aluminum checker plate includes chemical washing, washing after oil removing and washing after neutralization. The purpose of chemical washing is to clean chemicals from surface of aluminum plate. Active washing liquid must be applied in this process so that no sticky chemicals will be left out. Chemicals, if left on the surface, may do harm to people’s health and have reaction with other elements, which reduces service life of the plate. Washing after oil removing helps to eliminate remaining oil on the surface and reduces its influence. Oil makes a product less attractive. It may also stick to people’s clothes. Washing after neutralization aims to eradicate corrosive additives in the grooves. If the additives are not removed completely, they will lead to serious corrosion to any product made of the aluminum checker plate.

      The function of washing for aluminum checker plate varies with types of methods. Incomplete washing may cause severe problems, therefore, manufacturers should pay special attention to each washing step to guarantee product quality.